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Your potential customers love online reviews, and want to know more about your business so they can make informed decisions. Managing and monitoring your online reputation is more important than ever.

Your business’ online reputation is one of the biggest influencers for potential customers, as over 90% are likely to look up online reviews for your business before finalizing their decision to either purchase or to contact you. They want to feel comfortable in their decision to choose your business, and have a natural desire to see what other people saying about you.

The visual impact of a one or two star rating cannot be understated, ?and while negative ratings will happen on line, it’s important to have a partner that’s developing an action plan for you to respond and be proactive. How the online reputation of your business can ultimately determine the success of your digital marketing campaign.

So how does Gazz Consulting help with your online reputation management?

Step 1: We actively monitor and manage your online presence.

People may search a business name, or the name of a specific individual in that business, so our proactive efforts luck to both claim and create online profiles to ensure your brand and standardized, monitored and claimed.

Step 2: We work on the factors that help make your business prominent in ‘local’ search results

Generating online reviews from your customers and patients. It’s hard, we all get that. Customers will say great things about you in person, but once they leave, they have a million other things competing for their attention, and getting them to refocus on writing a review and making it easy for them is a challenge.

While nothing is better than a personal ask, Gazz Consulting provides clients with software tools to help facilitate and build a process around asking for online reviews. Additionally, our tools also look to collect potentially negative reviews before they are posted in the public domain.

Through citation development and directory submissions, we work to standardize your business information and make sure everything is accurate, consistent and up-to-date. We look to correct ?online listings that have the wrong information.

Step 3: We responding to your customers online reviews, both the good and the bad.

When people are researching your business and looking at your reviews, our experience has shown that they have a better perception of that business when owners actively reply and respond to those reviews. Addressing negative reviews, and thanking those who shared positive ones, show a proactive effort on that business. Negative reviews left unattended can also make them appear more credible.

Responding to reviews improves your SEO as well.

Google has indicated that having business owners reply to their online reviews is an SEO factor.

We will be proactive on your behalf, so you don’t have to.

Hire GazzBecause we know that what ultimately matters to our clients is getting more online visibility, traffic and leads.

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