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Gazz Consulting is a Certified Google AdWords Partner, and obsess about constantly optimizing our clients’ PPC campaigns. It’s easy to waste your ad budget if not done correctly, so Gazz takes the time to focus and tailor campaigns to maximize their return.


AdWords (PPC) online advertising can have an immediate impact on your bottom line and be a very profitable when done correctly. With AdWords, you may target keywords, geographic area, and timing without being locked into a long-term contract. You are able to set a budget you are comfortable with and measure the impact of your ad immediately, giving you freedom to evaluate your marketing at your own pace. There is no minimum spending commitment, and you may stop at any time.

Various target keywords are used within your Pay-Per-Click ad to help make your advertising more effective and therefore bringing in more customers. These keywords can also trigger your ads to appear next to various related search results across the Internet. However, if you would like to have more control over where your advertisements are placed, Google AdWords is happy to oblige by letting you bid on specific placements yourself.

AdWords allows people to reach your website at the precise moment that they are searching for your goods or services, therefore making them more likely to pull the trigger and take action. Gazz Solutions can help you implement strategies to make your AdWords efforts as effective as possible. When setting up and managing your Pay-Per-Click advertising, we’ll help to understand your options by answering questions like:

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you discover the most effective keywords for your business?
  • What is an appropriate budget?
  • What are the nuances that can make your ads stand out and have higher click thru rates?
  • How can I be more successful than my competitors?

Google AdWords Remarketing – Often One Time Isn’t Enough, as 96% of Visitors Leave a Web Site Without Converting

Google Adwords provides a diverse set of excellent targeting tools which enable the team at Gazz Consulting to further refine our clients’ AdWords campaigns, and maximize their ROI.

One specific tool which we deploy regularly is remarketing. Remarketing with Google AdWords can help clients reach (or re-touch) people who have previously visited their website. As research shows that the vast majority of web site visitors do not convert on their initial visit, this audience presents a valuable opportunity as by being presented the option to consider your business again, they are much more likely to return and convert than general web searchers.

How often have you searched for a product or business, only to get distracted or decide to continue your search at a later time? A gentle reminder via AdWords remarketing could be what that person needs to return and close the deal.

Tools within remarketing even enable us to show these previous visitors display or text ads that are tailored to them based on which sections of your web site they visited. These display ads could appear to them as they browse other web sites that are part of the Google Display Network or as they search for keyword terms on Google related to your products .

With answers to these questions and more, we can help you implement one of the most active marketing strategies on the Internet. When set up and managed correctly, your PPC campaign can be a cost-effective and powerful way to reach an already intrigued audience.

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